St Mary's Church, Reading Street Church

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Confusingly known as Ebony church, because that is where the original church stood. Ebony was a small island to the south of the present settlement of Reading Street, and an annual open-air service is still held there. This charming fifteenth century church is a simple rectangle of Kentish ragstone, moved here stone by stone in 1858. The rebuilding was carried out by Bournes of Woodchurch - busy at the time on many other churches in this part of Kent. Its west end is distinguished by a jaunty little spirelet somewhat larger than the original. Some sources cite SS Teulon as the architect, others go for S. Teale. Whoever it was did a good job - going as far as putting a medieval cross-head found during rebuilding onto the east gable. Regrettably it was blown off in the war. The simple interior is focussed on a three-light Perpendicular window. A modern stained glass window adds a splash of colour amongst the otherwise clear glass, and a fine Georgian Royal Arms adds to the scene. The church is beautifully cared for but if you want to look inside you will need to go for the key.



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1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: No return

Morning Attendance: No return

Afternoon Attendance: No return

Evening Attendance: No return


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Original Build Date/Architect: Medieval

Restoration: SS Teulon 1858, rebuild of med church

Second Restoration: -






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