St Barnabas's Church, St Pauls Cray  Church

Image Source: John Vigar


The exterior of this church with its tall copper-clad roof can be seen for miles, though interestingly is very difficult to find close at hand! The original church here a joint church cum hall is still attached to the church and now used just as a hall. The present church was built in 1962 to the designs of E F Starling, but is not a success. Stunning, yes, but as a building it has always leaked and is hard to heat. Its windows are numerous and a treat for vandals. Its fixed pews were outdated when it was built and restrict the use of the building. All this said, there is something about this church that resonates and shows that the 20th century could produce a new form of church building whilst not entirely losing its 1400 year ecclesiastical heritage.



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1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: Not built

Morning Attendance: Not built

Afternoon Attendance: Not built

Evening Attendance: Not built


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Original Build Date/Architect: Starling

Restoration: -

Second Restoration: -




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