St Luke's Church, Bromley  Church

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The tall spire of St Luke's church dominates the two-storey estates in Bromley South in the way that medieval churches must have once dominated the skyline of London. The interior is a magnificent example of late nineteenth century design. Its architect was Arthur Cawston but it could well have been Brooks, so tall and assured is its design. The arcades are not the usual thundering run of repetitive arches- rather they display different piers in each bay, almost as if the architect wanted us to believe that this was a medieval church that had been rebuilt - the stone of the piers running up into the arcade giving the same impression. The high clerestory has clear glass, making the church light and airy whilst the aisle windows contain a set of sixteen windows by James Powell and Sons. The same firm also provided the striking mosaics at the west end, and also around the altar. Both are constructed of their own decorative invention called `opus sectile`.



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1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: Not built

Morning Attendance: Not built

Afternoon Attendance: Not built

Evening Attendance: Not built


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Original Build Date/Architect: Cawston 1886


Second Restoration:









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