St Edmund's Church, Dover  Church

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In a sunken hollow sandwiched between two streets is St Edmund's Chapel. In fact until the Second World War it was completely invisible, being hemmed in by shops as well. Built in 1253 it was dedicated by St Richard of Chichester. Still in Dover, he died four days later and his internal organs were buried in the chapel, though his body was taken to Chichester. As part of the property of the Maison Dieu (Hostel for Pilgrims to Canterbury) it closed at the Reformation and became part of the secular buildings in the area. After war damage it was restored to become one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the town centre.



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Seating Capacity: was not in use

Morning Attendance: was not in use

Afternoon Attendance: was not in use

Evening Attendance: was not in use


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Original Build Date/Architect: Medieval

Restoration: Anthony Swaine

Second Restoration: -




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