All Saints, Perry Street  Church

Image Source: Dave Godden


A fantastic and homely church designed by James Brooks (see also Charlton next Dover). The blocky ragstone walls of the exterior do not prepare you for the rock-hewn rubble interior, with finely carved capitals and generous arcades. Unusually all the stained glass is by the firm of Clayton and Bell and the subjects reflect the high churchmanship of this church formed from the parishes of Rosherville and Northfleet. High in the chancel clerestory is the unmistakable image of Charles I regarded as a saint, although not one in practice. The Rosher family were very much benefactors in its early years. The Rood must date from the 1920s and dominates the interior in a medieval way. Modern reordering has not detracted at all from the mid Victorian roots of this church and it is a credit to those who care for it.



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