Sailor`s Church, Ramsgate  Church

Image Source: John Vigar


Tucked against the cliff and on the edge of the Royal Harbour, this Sailorís Mission is everything one would expect from a church of this type. Originally providing accommodation for sailors as well as a place of worship, the church has a lovely non-conformist feel to it. Ė unmistakably a church but full of secular things relating to the sea. The east (liturgical) end is dominated by the Decalogue and Lordís Prayer which was rather old fashioned for 1878 whilst the flat domestic ceiling is reminiscent of the inside of a boat. Plate tracery windows are the only concession to ecclesiastical architecture whilst the blue carpet always reminds me of the sea. The church is frequently open and welcoming to visitors and is used regularly.



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Original Build Date/Architect: 1878

Restoration: -

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