St John's Church, Sidcup  Church

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From the outside this could be any old nineteenth century church, but it is the best example in Kent of the work of Fellowes-Prynne, architect son of a high Victorian clergyman. He had a difficult job to build a new nave and aisles onto a chancel of 1844. This he did with distinction, knocking down the clear sign of large to small by setting saints at diagonals to form the step to his lovely chancel screen. Damaged by one of the last bombs of World War II new glass aplenty ahs been added, each in its own style. This has created a veritable treasure trove of art in that medium. The east window, and three others, are by Sir Ninian Comper, whose work should never be missed. His lightness of touch and sincerity are a hallmark unlike the nearby work of Morris and Co of Westminster who designed a stunning St John in 1947. Their glass is strident and heavy, but nevertheless a `good thing`. This welcoming church, a barn of a place, is open each morning and is recommended to those who feel down. Its architecture, atmosphere and fittings will lift you to a higher plane. Thank God its there.



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Original Build Date/Architect: Fellows Prynne 1899

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