St Mary Magdalene's Church, Stockbury  Church

Image Source: John Salmon


A fire of 1836 and a restoration of 1851 have left their marks on this prominent Downland church. The east wall of the chancel contains three lancets, of nineteenth-century origin, which contain some lovely glass of the early years of the twentieth century. To the north and south of the chancel are transepts separated by nicely carved screens. The southern transept is the more picturesque, for its roof timbers are exposed and below, in its east wall, are three sturdy windows of which the centre one is blocked. The west end of the nave is built up to form a platform upon which stands the organ. On either side of the chancel arch are typical nineteenth-century Commandment Boards, required by law until the late Victorian era, with good marble shafting to mirror the medieval work in the chancel.



Church Data


1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: 177

Morning Attendance: 110

Afternoon Attendance: 172

Evening Attendance: No service


Architecture Details


Original Build Date/Architect: Medieval

Restoration: Hussey 1851

Second Restoration: -


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